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December 18, 2009, 9:29 pm
Filed under: Art

Anybody see the new banner on my family blog? Katie asked me to throw a new one together with some updated images.  I think it’s pretty cool…….


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OMG…my husband too loves the drums and fishing! How can I get a shirt or something to frame for his studio. Please let me know if this is possible for Christmas?

Comment by Lynn Orton

I would love it if you would help me throw one together!!

Comment by Amanda Mohr

love it!

Comment by Erin

Very impressive! Didn’t know you were an artist, too. Love the new banner and cards. Give a hug to your brown E from our brown E!

Comment by lee anne

That blog header is awesome!!!
I must win this giveaway 🙂

Comment by janel

Pick me! Pick me!

Comment by Deb

nice blog header and FYI- loved amundson’s Christmas card!!!

Comment by amybeachy

i love katie’s new header- you did a great job! i think my husband needs a new blog image, and you’re just the guy to do it… : )
have a great monday,

Comment by rachel @ perfectly imperfect

Katie’s new blog header looks amazing! I oohed and awed the first time I saw it. I would love a new blog header!! Excited for this giveaway!! thanks!

Comment by Emily B.

Love the new blog header!! Very cool!!

Comment by Heather S.

All kinds of talent, I say!!! Love the new Mohr blog header. Pick me, pick me!

Comment by Tina Fleetwood

Your family’s blog header is absolutely amazing. You did an awesome job. Opening up the blog today was like christmas to my eye’s. 🙂 You rock! I love your work and think you are a very talented person. My blog header is very plain jane. I would definitely love a talented Russ Mohr design for my family’s blog.


Comment by Shelly Davis

us us us!

Comment by Lisa Amundson

I’m commenting here because you see my photography blog is in great need of some pimping out by Russ and I just want to be in the cool group and I feel so uncool right now….plus I love taking pictures of cute little guatemalan kiddos…and well you have a cute guatemalan kiddo so obviously I need a new header made by you 😉

Comment by Kelsey Lantz

I would love my blog to be sweet. End of story. I like to think that i can write creatively, so I wish that upon first glance, my blog would look creative. 🙂 Pick me.

Also, I’m a college kid. When would I have money to design a blog heading for myself? Not for a long time, and never at the rate I’m going right now…I’ll just be a professional blogger with my life.

Comment by Annie Dimond

Got any ideas for a southern drama queen that could use a little edginess on her blog? Love your work!

Comment by Leslie Ruth

I want a new fancy header!

Comment by karen

Hey Russ,
I’m excited about your new blog – welcome to the club!
I’d love to win an updated blog header for my blog!

Comment by Crystal Mueller

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