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August 23, 2010, 8:55 am
Filed under: Art

My wife has recently been working hard to learn her way around her new camera and is getting really good. Don’t worry, she’s not jumping on the ever popular “start-your-own-photography-business” kick that 90% of Americans are currently experiencing. She just really enjoys it, and I’m excited that she’s getting into some artsy fartsy stuff. Don’t tell her how proud I am, she’ll call me out next time I roll my eyes and tell her to put the @#$! camera away. Yeah, she practices a lot. It’s giving me a chance to try my hand at some photo editing. Some is good, some is bad, and I’m enjoying learning and experimenting. Here’s a look at one we tag teamed on from our trip with our son to the park yesterday… she’s developing a great eye for composition!


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Comment by katie

I love this picture.

Also, I need prices of Christmas Cards…I am gonna try to find one of my many friends that does photography on the side to take some pics for me to send your way!

Comment by Amanda

Russ, love the work… One problem, you might need to check your lens, the words “ARTinSTEREO” appear on all your images. It might be time to clean your equipment, don’t you think?

Comment by mrbillmccoy

Hey, I had to pay a lot of money for that ART in STEREO lens!

Comment by artinstereo

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